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.QUEBEC’s rules for assigning a French second level domain name.

  1. When registering a .QUEBEC domain name with signs specific to the French language, the .QUEBEC registry will assign the applicant by default a second level In-ternationalized Domain Name (IDN) .QUEBEC. 

  2. When requesting the allocation of a second-level domain name, the .QUEBEC registry will check the correct French spelling of this name and correct the domain name submitted for registration if necessary. This verification and this correction will relate strictly to the necessary presence of the diacritics specific to the French language of the domain name to be registered.

  3. For any registration of an internationalized domain name, the Point Québec registry will register, if available and free of charge, the ASCII denomination of the same name for an equivalent duration and term.

  4. The ASCII variant of the internationalized domain name will be considered an intrinsic subcomponent of the internationalized domain name (IDN). Thus, a non-renewal of the internationalized domain name will lead to a non-renewal of the ASCII variant of the IDN.

  5. The ASCII variant and its IDN name are inseparable. They cannot be transferred separately. The ASCII variant and its IDN can only be delegated to one and the same registrar.

  6. The registry, and/or the registry operator, will have 72 hours to carry out the checking and spelling correction if necessary of a French-language second level domain name.

Description of mechanics

Compliance Scenario

A registrant submits a request for a second level domain name .QUEBEC

Example 1: franç

This name is in French, and spelled correctly.

It is assigned as well as its ASCII variant

Non-Compliance Scenario

A registrant submits a request for a second level domain name .QUEBEC

Example 2:

This name is French but misspelled. The ç must replace the c.

A correction is applied for franç and its ASCII variant

The registrar is notified of the correction in accordance with registry policy.

A .QUEBEC for each domain

10 advantages of having a .QUEBEC

the ability to clearly identify yourself;
increase search engines optimization;
stand out from .com and .ca;
demonstrate your belonging to Quebec;
help Quebec Internet users find you;
be proud of Quebec;
be different from the crowd;
encourage local buying;
promote the Quebec economy throughout the world;
make your region known;
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Thank you to all those who have supported the PointQuebec initiative since the very beginning and who have contributed, each in their own way, to making .QUEBEC domain names go from dream to reality.


Assemblée Nationale du Québec

Ministère des Finances et de l’Économie

Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec

Le Regroupement des organismes nationaux de loisirs et de sport du Québec

ISOC Québec

Un Québec branché sur le monde (UQBM)


Catapulte Commmunication

CORE  (Internet Council of Registrars)

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